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Home aesthetics is the combination of home decoration and aesthetics. Home decoration shows the owner's aesthetic taste. So, what are the aesthetic principles of home decoration? Today, Kanghua wooden door brings you the top 10 aesthetic principles of customized furniture for the whole house

in our ever-changing life, the pronouns of life aesthetics such as "taste" and "texture" are fermenting, jumping and penetrating into all aspects of things

for example, customized home -- it can not only make rational use of various spaces in the home, but also match the whole home environment; And it can also be customized according to the owner's personality to fully reflect the owner's taste

home aesthetics is the combination of home decoration and aesthetics. Home decoration shows the owner's aesthetic taste. So, what are the aesthetic principles of home decoration

1. Proportion and size

proportion is rational and specific; Scale is perceptual and abstract. If you don't have a special preference, you might as well use the perfect ratio of 1:0.618 to draw the room space, which will be a very handy way


even if the whole home layout adopts the same proportion, it should be changed, otherwise it will appear too rigid

2. Stability and skill

stability is the whole, and lightness is the part. Apply bright colors and delicate decorations in the room, and pursue light and slender beauty. All the arrangements are to finally form a perfect unity of stability and lightness


too heavy home decoration will make people feel depressed and boring; Too light will make people feel frivolous and irritable. We should pay attention to the combination of color, the coordination of the shape and size distribution of household accessories, and the reasonable and perfect overall layout

3. Harmony and contrast

the strong contrast and contrast of color in vision reflects the unique style of the room owner, and also increases the interest in the space; The luxury of fur and the simplicity of pure cotton are the contrast of materials; Rectangular glass window is a contrast of shape and size. To decorate such a room is the best way to highlight your personality


if you have a strong nervous system, unique taste and go your own way, and have never been afraid of people's words, then use strong contrast, otherwise it's better to be gentle

4. Rhythm and rhythm

is achieved through the differentiation of volume size, the alternation of virtual and real space, the density of component arrangement, the change of length, the alternation of curve, softness and straightness, and other changes. The specific methods include: continuous, gradual, undulating, staggered, etc


although different rhythms and rhythms can be used in the overall room, it is forbidden to use more than two rhythms in the same room, which will make people confused and upset

5, symmetry and balance

each grid is a landscape. On both sides, there are grids and cabinets with the same color and different shapes, which is a symmetry in change, achieving visual balance in color and form


the treatment of symmetry can fully meet people's sense of stability, and also have a certain pattern aesthetic feeling, but try to avoid making people feel dull or even dull

6. Master-slave and focus

clearly shows that the master-slave relationship is a very orthodox layout method; The emphasis on a certain part can break the monotony of the overall situation and make the whole room vigorous


all the actions of supporting actors are to highlight the protagonist

7, transition and echo

it is not difficult to achieve harmony between hard and soft decoration in tone and style. The difficulty lies in how to make the two produce " Contact "e;, This requires the use of "e; Transition " Yes. Echo belongs to balanced formal beauty, which is a common technique in various arts. In interior design, transition and echo are always accompanied by form and shadow, specifically between ceiling and ground, desktop and wall, and various homes... If the transition between form and color level is natural and ingenious, unexpected results can often be achieved


" Transition and echo " It can increase the rich beauty of the room, but it should not be too much or too complex, otherwise it will give people a sense of chaos and too cumbersome

8. Analogy and association

the content of association is known and objective. Using analogy, we can combine Abstract conscious activities with specific images through association


comparison and association have never been fanciful, and the space it forms should be the living atmosphere you once had or yearned for

9. Unity and change

the overall design of home layout should follow " Combine diversity with unity " According to the principle of formal beauty, according to size, color and location, it can form a whole with the home, become an indoor scene, and create a natural harmony and vitality " Unity and change "; Furniture should have a unified artistic style and overall charm. It is best to customize it in sets or try to choose ones with relatively consistent colors and styles, plus humanistic integration, so as to further improve the taste of the living environment


there should be a complete plan and idea at the beginning of home layout, so that there will be no mistakes in the process

10. Simple style

people, if simple, will make people moved and nostalgic. When used at home, it is a kind of return to nature, a kind of cleanness, a kind of pure and gloomy fragrance. Perhaps in people's subconscious, the trend of life always hopes to have a simple temperament


avoid sameness! Therefore: proper mix and match is very important

color psychologists believe that different colors have different effects on people's emotions and psychology. Therefore, it is particularly necessary to understand some aesthetic collocation principles before planning to adopt the whole house custom home




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