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Forward! forward! Move forward! Despite hardships, Xiao Su's decoration troops continued to advance, and finally came to the demolition and hydropower links. They tore down old houses, laid water and electricity, and were full of energy. Little Sue took another step closer to her new home

house information: 87 ㎡

decoration style: simple and modern

decoration method: half package

community: Fenghuang Hexi, Nanjing

construction progress: demolition of water and electricity

construction period: 22 days

construction started on the first day of March 16, 2014

today is the first day of construction. There are some ceiling and wardrobe and other wood products that need to be demolished at home. There are quite a lot of wood products, and most of the doors are iron framed doors, The demolition of the master is quite laborious, and it is really too hard to move down from the sixth floor. The home after demolition is really too bright. The only regret is that the wall in the anti-theft door was shaken off when the iron door frame inside the door was removed, resulting in a big seam in the anti-theft door. I hope the decoration masters will mobilize their wisdom to deal with it and look forward to my new home

On March 17, 2014, excellent workers

the tiles in the kitchen and bathroom and the walls that need to be removed have been removed. The waste in a room is very clean, which is beyond my imagination. Give me a great compliment

on March 18, 2014, the master was working overtime

today, the garbage of the masters yesterday was as neat as a hill. The walls of the living room have been removed, and the workload is really a lot. It's too hard to have a master working overtime after work. It's not easy to earn money by paying tribute to the working people. I spent a lot of money this month, and my credit card can't afford it

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