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In fact, the decoration of the kitchen is as important as that of our bedroom, and its decoration is also related to the beauty of the whole home. In order to create a fashionable and atmospheric kitchen, the kitchen door cabinet plays a decisive role. Therefore, when choosing kitchen door cabinets, they should be practical and beautiful, and they can also make the space of kitchen, dining room and living room naturally excessive, which is in line with the overall style of decoration. Next, let's take a specific look at the decoration effect drawing of the kitchen door cabinet, and how to clean and maintain the kitchen door cabinet

how to clean and maintain the kitchen door cabinet

I: kitchen door cabinet maintenance

1. If the kitchen door cabinet in the home is made of wood, first of all, we should pay attention not to use too much force to open and close the door or the opening angle is too large, which is easy to cause damage. In order to maintain the brightness and color of the wooden door, it should be regularly maintained with household maintenance wax, because the wooden kitchen door is used, and the relative humidity of the indoor air should be kept between 60% and 75% as much as possible at ordinary times. In spring and winter, pay attention to good indoor ventilation, maintain that humidity, so that the wooden door can be used at normal room temperature and humidity, prevent its deformation due to bad humidity and temperature, and don't let the heating equipment too close to the wooden door

2. If some accessories used on the kitchen door cabinet, such as hinges and locks, are loose, they must be handled in time. If the hinges will make a sound, oil should be injected in time. For the maintenance of glass kitchen door, keep the glass surface clean and dry. Be careful when using it, and avoid collision, so as not to damage it and hurt yourself. When using glass doors, sudden cooling and heating should be avoided, so do not let cooked food or hot water contact the glass doors, otherwise it may crack

3. When using the kitchen door made of aluminum alloy, every action should be the lightest as possible. When pushing and pulling, it must be natural. If you find difficulties, don't pull and push hard, you should eliminate the faults first. To keep the door frame clean and the push-pull groove clean, the connecting parts of the aluminum alloy frame should be checked frequently, the bolts should be tightened in time, and the damaged parts should be replaced. The vulnerable parts of aluminum alloy doors and windows, such as locating pivot pins, wind braces, ground springs, etc., should be checked frequently and lubricated regularly to keep them clean and flexible. When cleaning the aluminum alloy door, people should not step on the aluminum frame, nor pull the frame for support

II: cleaning of glass kitchen door cabinets

there are many kinds of kitchen door cabinets in terms of materials, so let's first look at the cleaning methods of glass door cabinets. First, we can use a wool duster to sweep the surface. Then spray a large X shape on the glass with glass cleaner, wipe it along the edge with a wrung cloth, and then turn the cloth over the other side and slowly wipe it inward in the same way. When the glass is seven times dry after wiping, wipe it again with a dry cloth. If you use a patterned glass door, you can brush it with an old toothbrush first. Then wash it with clean water, and finally wipe it with a dry cloth. As for uneven glass, you can use a toothbrush to brush in the concave to remove dirt, and then dry it with a sponge stained with detergent

that's all about the kitchen door cabinet decoration effect drawing and how to clean and maintain the kitchen door cabinet. I hope these are helpful to you. In fact, whether the kitchen door cabinet is to be installed or not, it has its own advantages, but the main thing is to control the lampblack, so that it can be designed more reasonably. If there is still something you don't understand, you can learn more information. Please continue to pay attention to our website





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